Who We Represent

At Commodore Capital we know that it takes money to make money. We also know that sometimes in a commission-based business that money isn’t always there when you need it, and can be hard to find from a traditional lender.

We only work with financial professionals such as insurance agents and financial advisors because we understand those industries and we know that past production matters more than your credit score.

What We Offer

Commodore Capital offers credit-neutral loans of up to $100,000, and aims to have the funds in your hands in no more than four days. What you do with those funds is completely up to you. All we care about is that you make your payments on time.

Commodore Capital loans based on your past production, not your credit score. What you do with those funds is your choice. Use the loan to purchase leads, pay taxes or for business expenditures. We are lending you money and you retain full control of your commission streams.

Our Guarantee

We are happy to make one-time loans, but prefer to build relationships with our clients and help them invest in their businesses so they can enjoy the growth they are aiming for. Commodore Capital can help you overcome the hurdles that trip up so many financial professionals. We can help you thrive.

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Robert Laurent - Managing Member